Analysis of Japan for a company's international expansion

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1.0 Introduction

A leading Australian retailer i.e. ABC Café is seeking international expansion into a developing country. Therefore, in order to make such decision, a depth environmental analysis of the developing country i.e. Japan is required.

1.1 Purpose

The purpose of this report is to analyse and recommend whether Japan is applicable for a leading Australian retailer i.e. ABC Café to expand their market there.

1.2 Scope

In determining whether Japan will be appropriate for such decision, depth analysis about the environmental of this country is essential. This environmental analysis will include the following dimensions: economic, cultural, technological and political environment of Japan.

1.3 Methodology

In order to complete the report, depth environmental analysis need to be conducted. The information is gathered from books, newspaper articles, and journal articles, also from the Internet.

1.4 Limitation

The limitation of the report is that there might be some other environmental dimensions that need to be analysed that relevance for the retailer.

Also, this report is valid for this period only.

1.5 Assumption

In preparing this report, it is assumed that Japan is a developing country that has good environments condition for the retailer to expand their business in Japan.

1.6 Background

Japan, the world's second largest economy, occupies an important position in virtually every industry and business activity worldwide. Japan comprises four main islands, which are Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku, and Kyushu. And nearly 4,000 small islands which all allocated along the northeastern coast of the Asian continent. The country's total land area is approximately 377,819 sq km. Japan had an estimated population of 126.7 million with an annual growth rate of 1.5% in 2000). Over 28 million people were living in Tokyo and Yokohama (

2.0 Japan's environment analysis

The country that has been chose to be analysed is Japan. There are...