Analysis of the necessary steps to produce software

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The aim of this report is to provide an analysis of the necessary steps to produce software, being in this case a House Inventory System for the Software House PLC.

The production of the House Inventory System has been achieved through many stages and steps that are explained and demonstrated in this report, starting with the analysis of the user and company requirements, the analyse of the techniques that should be used, the reasons for using those same techniques without disrespecting the company requirements and finishing with analysis of the produced prototype.

This report for the House Inventory System program also explains the process of designing the software and mentions the changes made all over the creation process, in order to create a good program that works for every user.

Very important information is attached to this report in the appendix, being most of that information the customer requirements; the user classification and the identification of the task scenarios.

1. Graphical User Interface Design

Graphical User Interface Design has become an element of choice to obtain a good interface design, but that doesn't mean that this is the only methodology. Many things are necessary to be in consideration and attention to obtain a good design.

One way to achieve a successful GUI design is by using real world metaphors, because that will facilitate the user's recognition and learning. Another important characteristic of a good GUI is speed, because too many times a system may get slow leading the user to quit it.

Designing good GUI is a critical skill for application developers in the 2000's, regardless of the GUI platform for which they are designing. It's required that the developer learn and apply some basic principles, including making the design of something that the user will enjoy working with...