Analysis of the New Student Center

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For my informative speech, my specific purpose was to inform the audience about the New Student Center. I wanted them to be capable of making an informed decision, knowing all of the negatives and positives this building had to offer. I feel that I achieved my goal very successfully. I feel this due to how my audience was reacting during my presentation, and also watching my delivery on tape.

For my introduction, I choose to use a question to get audience feedback and to show that my topic affected everyone who was in the room. By using a question I got audience feedback and also knew how much my audience knew already about my topic. My thesis statement was clear and direct by stating that my goal was to inform the audience of the positive and negatives about the New Student Center as well as what the general plan was for the building.

To make myself sound more credible on this topic I mentioned that I work at the Ball State Alumni Building under the Foundation department, which handles all the projects for campus and students. After establishing this credibility I then previewed the audience what I would be sharing with them that afternoon. My preview included discussing the general plan for the building, the many things the student center could offer, and the negative affects the building would have on us as students.

When watching myself from an audience standpoint, I felt my speech was organized effectively. I gave a general background about the building, then proceeded to the unconstructive effects this building would have on us, and then supported the building by finishing with all of the constructive attributes the building would give o campus. When transitioning from point to point, they were overall smooth and appropriate.