An analysis of the Role of the Media in Contemporary Irish Society.

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Q. Describe and analyse the role of the media in Contemporary Irish Society.

Few people can deny the overwhelming effect the media has had in structuring the society in which we, as Irish people, exist in today. Hundreds of sub-cultures have grown in this small country as a direct result of media presence. From it's small newspaper periodical based origins the media in this country and around the world has grown and multiplied in such a way as there is no-one in this country who doesn't depend on the media in one way or another, be it a major or extremely minor dependence. However, with this power the media now has, comes massive responsibility. In the course of this essay I intend to examine, in a hopefully unbiased manner, the core role of the media in modern Irish society and, in doing so draw some conclusions of my own.

Before media presence in this country, Irish society was based on a simple, rigid class system based primarily on wealth. However, since the global media explosion hundreds of sub-cultures have been spawned throughout this country. The birth and growth of television and the Internet have led to colossal changes throughout the world we live in. Ireland is no exception to this, becoming exposed to new ways of life and wide varieties of small followings have grown and become mainstream as a result of media coverage in this country.

We only have to look at the youth of our country today to see the dramatic effect that the media has had on our society. Such diversity could not have been dreamt of among the youth of Ireland sixty years ago. While in the past Irish society treated children very much in a "should be seen and not heard" manner, the Irish...