Analysis of "Spirited Away" directed by Hayao Miyazaki.

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The story of spirited away begins with Chihiro, the protagonist of the story moving to a new house in a country town. Initially Chihiro is stubborn and reluctant about leaving her friends and old life behind. Later on the family runs into what seems like an abandoned theme park, but is actually an entrance to a spirit world and more specifically a bathhouse for gods.

When Chihiro is helpless of the circumstances of loosing her parents and the recent transparency in her skin a boy with the name of Haku comes to comfort and rescue her. Haku informs Chihiro that the only way she can remain in the bathhouse and save her parents is to get a job and make herself useful. Chihiro following Haku's advice seeks out Kamaji the boiler man. After seeing her feeble nature and good will, when she helps the soot creature, Kamaji directs her to Yubaba.

A young woman named Lin, although indicative at first, decides to lead Chihiro to Yubaba. After dodging many servants in the confusing place Chihiro arrives at the top floor where Yubaba resides.

Being pulled into a room Chihiro find a monstrous lady who dotes upon an equally monstrous and unfeasibly large baby. Chihiro repeatedly asks for a job and adhering to rules, Yubaba unwillingly grants her, her wish. However Chihiro is obliged to give up her name to Yubaba, this way Yubaba can imprison her in the bathhouse unless she remembers her identity. Chihiro is then given the new name of 'Sen.'

Sen has difficulty adjusting to the new environment but overcomes the new challenge laid upon her by a giant stink spirit. She purges the spirit by pulling out all the garbage inside and discovers a river spirit that gives her a small cake, a...