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Death of a Salesman

Willy Loman is a middle-aged man who aims for an unreachable goal. He is the type of father that sets goals for his sons to follow and when they do not do so, as would any parent, he gets disappointed. Every parent would like to see their child succeed and by doing so the parents tend to loose track of who is actually going for the goal. Although Willy is a concerned parent, he is very single-minded and opinionated when it comes to his son's future. It is reasonable to think that society played a major role in the downfall of Willy's life. On the other hand though, in a major part you would have to blame Willy for his own chaos that he has caused. By setting such goals for his son's and not for his own self, Willy has also corrupted the minds of his sons Biff and Happy. Willy feels as though either you try and make it out in the world or you can just step aside and let others take over. By having such a one-track mind it is hard for Willy and his sons to live up to the "American Dream" and not get disappointed.

Willy Loman is a confused man that packs a lot of wisdom, but may share it at the wrong time, causing the destruction of peoples lives. Society is based on the American Dream, which states that you should have a house of your own, with a beautiful surrounding and everyone in your family is very successful. Willy though cannot live up to that dream because he is not the picture perfect family and in reality no family can be perfect. You could possibly say that Willy is the average man in society because almost...