An Analytical Essay of Fahrenheit 451, by Ray Bradbury.

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Guy Montag is a walking piece of literature. In the wonderful, heart throbbing novel Fahrenheit 451, Ray Bradbury discusses how society changes, and how change is necessary in life. If I was in Guy Montag's position I feel that five books should be kept around in the society, being legal for people to own a copy of the book in their home. The Bible I feel is important for religious purposes. An encyclopedia, because no one can know too much. A dictionary, because we all need to look up words one at time or another, a copy of Fahrenheit 451, because this could be a good way for people to learn from their mistakes, so the incident cannot happen again; and finally, The Declaration of Independence and Constitution, because this is a good way to demonstrate what a good government looks like. If I had to memorize one book I would choose the Encyclopedia, because I would like to know everything that there is to know.

Thousands and thousands of words that we only wished we knew, for those words we do not know, we often rely on a Dictionary, yet the people in Fahrenheit 451, could not. I feel that the people in Fahrenheit 451 don't know half of those words, primarily because they are not allowed to own a dictionary. Now only if they could have a dictionary, their life could be different, they would know more and be able to have a wider vocabulary. The dictionary is best described as a big book of words and definitions. The book is filled with new words, some in which we don't even know. If Montag's wife had a dictionary, her life would be different. She wouldn't sit at the television walls all day; she could...