Anatomy of Palmdale, Lancaster California Rise in Crime Rate (Antelope Valley)

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Anatomy of Antelope Valley’s Rise in Crime RateDo you check your doors to make sure they are locked at night before you go to sleep because you fear the life of your loved ones? Are you afraid at times to walk alone on a street near your home because you don’t know if it is safe? Do you know if there are any sex offenders within a mile of your home? My answer to all of the above questions is “yes.” I check my doors at night because I feel unsafe and I fear for the life of my 3 month old son and my family. I am afraid to walk on the street near my house because I feel unsafe because there have been several crimes committed on a street a couple of streets down from mine. I also know how many sex offenders there are in a one mile radius from my house because I have check on Meghan’s Law.

The total number of sex offenders in a one mile radius is 5. (Meghan’s It is scary to know how many sex offenders you have living close by whether it is one or five. Crime is something that affects you, your neighbor and your neighbor’s neighbor. The reason why I write it like that is to show you that it affects everyone. Crime comes with a double edged sword because any way you look at it you are damned. In the AV Press an article was release on the front page titled “An anatomy of Valley murders” on Sunday, March 25, 2007. The article reads as follows “In 2006, Lancaster had 20 homicides, including an unsolved hit-and-run death and the death of a man from a stabbing a year earlier, and Palmdale had 16. Other murders...