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The movie was focused on how women lived their lives and how they were presumed to live it. There were many contracting characters in this movie. Frank Churchill, Miss Bates, Mr.& Mrs. Cole, Mr. Fairfax, Isabella, Emma Woodhouse, Mr. Woodhouse, Miss Smith, Mr. Martin, Mr. Nightly and Mr. Elton.

The main character was Emma; she was a house lady, looked upon as a perfect lady, maybe too perfect for any man to even think of being with her. She lived on her family estate with her father and did everything in her powers just to please him. This is what she lived for. She was a painter, knitted, and she also was an archery expert. She received every guest with a smile and had to be very polite to everyone even if she didn't like him or her. This was the way her father brought her up to believe.

Mr. Nightly thinks a lot less of women, he doesn't believe that a woman should be given any privileges at all in society other than host social gatherings and oversee the keeping of the house. Mr. Nightly also believes in a social class system of the poor for the poor and the rich for the rich.

When Isabella comes to town, she is well educated and thinks less of all the women for the reason that their only motive was to find a good man to marry and make him happy. When Emma wanted top know about Frank Churchill she refuses to tell her much about him and Emma is disappointed.

Miss Baits talks a lot and this makes everyone dislike her, she is also poor and without a man. This meant that no man wanted a woman who had more to say than he did, and so she...