Anaysis of theme in "Young Goodman Brown" by Nathaniel Hawthorne

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An idea or meaning when added to a story adds value and memorably, to the reading experience. For instance everyone can remember the childhood story about the "Little Engine That Could." From that simplistic writing and simplistic short children forever remember the theme of that story, never give up. Had that story lacked a theme the story would be meaningless. A theme also can change or create a moral standpoint for the reader. For instance in the now famous novel "The Lord of the Rings" the theme is a moral one, never allow evil to prevail. A theme however is not what the story adds up too or in other words what the story is about. Theme must add value to the work, and in most cases theme is a display of humanity that causes the reader to think about that element and even assimilate it into their own substance, now that is what a good theme makes.

In short, at the very least, theme makes the reader remember that story; however a prime theme can reveal what humanity is about. The short story by Nathaniel Hawthorne "Young Goodman Brown" does just that, it sheds light upon an element of humanity, Faith and its necessity.

"And Faith... Brown" (Kennedy 221) His dearest and most precious person in his life is aptly named Faith. This has meaning on two levels; first Faith the person is his comfort, his joy, his happiness, and he must leave all this in order to go into the forest where we meets the opposite of this all, misery, pain, and discomfort. The forest is harsh while his wife is soft; the forest is cold and lifeless while his wife is warm and full of life. In order to go in to the forest he...