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Many people think having a good relationship with their coworkers is not important, in fact a big number of people think they are doing their job correctly just by going to a designated place, sit on a desk and type on a computer. In my opinion the most significant issue of working is to be able to communicate with your colleagues.

At work, school or even at college we can find different types of people, it doesn't mean we have to communicate with all of them; some might be black, others white, some rich and others poor. These differences in some cases are the cause of discrimination in many institutions around the world. In my opinion, now is the time to change those differences that may lead to something worse. It is time to respect each others differences to be able to work in a better atmosphere.

In the essay I read "How to deal with a difficult boss" explains clearly a type of problem that may occur to anyone at work.

Imagine you dislike your boss's personality, that may cause you problems in the company. That's only one of the examples there are for this situation. In conclusion each human being have their own personality, their own way of thinking, and a different reaction to certain problems, we all have to respect and understand other people and try to get to know the good side of them and not only the bad one.