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Andrew Lloyd Webber

Andrew Lloyd Webber was born on March 22, 1948 and grew up in a home in South Kensington, England. His home was filled with music and he showed, from an early age, an extraordinary natural talent for it. His father, William Southcombe Lloyd Webber, was a professor of theory and composition at the Royal College of Music in England. His mother, Jean, was a singer and violinist at the same school. They married on October 3, 1942, six years before their first child, Andrew was born.

When Andrew was three years old, he started to play the violin. When he was six he composed his own songs, and at the age of nine he had a piece of music published in the magazine Music Teacher. It was Andrew's aunt Vi, who turned him on to theater and focusing more on musical theater. She took Andrew to the big musicals such as My Fair Lady, and to films like Gigi and South Pacific.

Soon after, Andrew built a small theater at home and wrote musicals for it. After Andrew had examined a different school, he decided; he wanted to write music. On the April 21, 1965 Andrew got a letter:

Dear Andrew

I've been told you're looking for a "with it" writer of lyrics for your songs, and as I've been writing pop songs for a while and particularly enjoy writing the lyrics I wonder if you consider it worth your while meeting me.

Tim Rice

The two of them, Andrew 17 and Tim 21 years old, started to cooperate and their first musical became "The likes of US". The musical was never performed. Just one small, student theater in Oxford wanted to have the show, but Andrew and Tim were dreaming of West End and answered no.