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At times my dog, Dixie, which is a 12-year-old boxer, will act just like a Child. She simply does not realize that she is a dog. The reason for this is that she has been very spoiled during her life time. We cannot blame her for this as it is not her fault. Nevertheless, it does create a problem at times for us and her. Dixie is an 80-pound female boxer. She thinks that she is a small, female

child. She believes that she should be able to crawl up in your lap and be rocked and held at any given time. She does not realize she is just a dog. If she gets into

trouble, my wife will tell her that she is a dog. Dixie will then hold her head down in shame and walk off. To her, it a horrible thing to be called a dog.

She would

rather be called anything except that. Dixie has always been treated as one of the family. She has slept in our bed since we brought her home when she was just eight weeks of age. Since that time she has spent only two nights outside and three nights away from home.

Dixie gave birth to nine puppies four years ago. They certainly were her babies. She hovered over them. We kept one of these puppies. To this day, even though he is now twice her size, he still cowers down in front of her. Dixie is a very protective dog. However, when it becomes dark outside, she believes that she should be inside the house. She does not like to go out when it is dark, cold,

too hot, or raining. She has her own little agenda to which, she believes, she must adhere. My wife and I...