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Animal Farm Essay Question "Animal Farm is told on different levels- it can be read by a child or by an informed adult." This statement is true because Animal Farm was referred to as a "fairy story" by its author George Orwell. He said this because the story is about animals doing things that only humans can do; children can read it as a story and understand it on a literal level. Calling the book a "fairy story" also kept Orwell out of trouble because an educated adult can read it on a second, more symbolic level where each character represents a real person or politician affiliated with the Russian Revolution. Writing Animal Farm provided Orwell with a way to show his views on the situations taking place during that time without getting in trouble for it.

Animal Farm has been read and loved by many children. It is a good novel for a child to read since it is short, easy to follow and it keeps the interest of its reader.

A child can look at the book as a "fairy story," not a fairy a fairy tale because a fairy tale must have a morale, where as a story does not require one. Orwell gives animals the ability to walk, talk, learn, read, write, manage a farm and do other things that only humans can do. The animals are able to act as humans do and they take over a farm from the humans that have mistreated them for so long. This makes the children interested in the book, and also provides Orwell with a way to keep out of trouble. If he had just written a novel about his views on the Russian Revolution he may have be killed or got himself into serious trouble.

Children are...