Anorexia the disease of public eye

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One in ten cases of anorexia ends with death. This eating disorder usually starts around the time when someone begins puberty. Almost 90% of people who are anorexic are women. Doctors don't exactly know what causes it but that it may be due to peer pressure that has been building up for a long time. A lot of women starve themselves because they believe they are too fat or want to the "Hollywood" type that they see in movies or on TV. But eventually it ends in a loss of 15% or more body fat until you get too skinny and malnourished that your body doesn't have anything to leave off of and you die. Another thing that comes along with anorexia is the fact that people want to get skinny they have a real hard exercise routine and their body can't burn anything so it is hard on them and they may get tired a lot faster.

It has become a serious problem in the United States among middle aged women and won't stop a treatment is found.

A lot of people who are anorexic don't even realize what they are doing to themselves. People think they will just fast for a couple of days then it gets to be addictive just as much as cigarettes or alcohol do. They don't realize that they are not giving their bodies the essential nutrients that it needs and that it can't leave without them. But also there are some people who do know that they are hurting their bodies so they start to take vitamins but that isn't enough for your body to live off of. Anorexia also known as "Anorexia Nervosa" meaning nervous want of appetite, affects one in 100 women in the United States. This can...