Another paper I wrote last semester for MS 2. This one is about creationism v evolutionism.

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CPVT Hopper, David C.

MILS 2100


Evolution vs. Creation

The question of our origins has been probably one of the oldest and most controversial issues that different groups have faced. Are we as written in religious books merely creations of a greater being or are we just another creature that nature came up with? I believe that one of the key issues to this problem is the limitation that exists within our universe to be able to explain either one of these theories. Besides the problem of not being able to totally prove either of these theories at the moment because of insufficient abilities to measure or prove anything, there are controversies within these theories themselves.

Different religions offer different explanations, and have controversies within them that disallow one single one to be absolute and complete. On the other hand Science is unable to prove much either. Science, in its very roots already contains improvable controversies.

Our very basic laws of physics become meaning less when we compare the two different approaches of relativity and quantum mechanics, which for themselves have inconstancies. So we are faced with the problem of which explanation can offer us a more reasonable and valid answer to the questions of life.

Because evolution deals with theologically sensitive problems, such as humanity's place in the universe, it becomes the particular target creationists. I'll just talk about the Christian point of view without bringing in other religions to simplify things and not turn this into a 30 page paper. Most current Christian theologians believe that God can be Creator and be in charge of the universe without having to line up the chromosomes during each cell division or having to adjust planetary orbits directly. In fact, mainstream Christian theology long ago stopped making design explanations of...