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Anthrax Anthrax, also known as bacillus anthracis in the scientific community, is one of the key ingredients to terrist-related deaths following the September attacks on the United States. Everyday since the September attacks, which left lower Manhattan in rubble, we have been hearing about this deadly terror known as anthrax. But, what is anthrax? Why are so many Americans on edge about it? Anthrax: We have been hearing about it so much on the news but, what is it? Webster defines anthrax as an infectious disease of warm-blooded animals caused by spore-forming bacterium. Or, in other words, it's an infectious bacteria and if humans of animals come in contact with it out look in not always good.

For humans, we can transmit anthrax in three ways. One, we can contract it by cutaneous(skin). This form of anthrax is the most common, about 95% of all people that contract anthrax get this kind of anthrax.

The other two, the ones you are most likely not to get, are inhalation and gastrointestinal. If in the unlikely event that you do get one of the last two types of anthrax the outlook is not good. In most cases anthrax can be treated and the victim can recover. Doctors can prescribe effective antibiotics if they know about it soon enough. If it is left untreated it can be fatal.

Ever since the September attacks every one is getting really crazy about anthrax. Some people are running out and trying to prevent there chances of getting it by taking the antibiotics. The CDCP recommends that you do not do that. Only in some cases should you take the antibiotics. If you work with the organism in a laboratory or if you are in the military. These are the only reasons that you should take...