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Is Overuse of Antibiotic harmful? I believe that taking overuse of antibiotic is harmful, if you take it a lot, what could happen to you.

My topic is about the overuse of antibiotic. It's about people that take overuse of antibiotic, what it does to them, because it's really harmful. I choose my position is that I think it's harmful, which it is. I choose those positions to find out if overuse of antibiotic is harmful to our health.

Argument supporting my position is that I find out that antibiotic is harmful to the bodies of people who use it. If you take it a lot, then it would slow down your body. When you take antibiotics it help captured bacteria from coming inside your body, but then again bacteria will try to find away to get inside your body. Sometimes the doctors prescribe the wrong antibiotics to people in they take it, and it was not for them and they take, it affect them.

That could lead to death most of the times.

The evidence that support my argument is; the overuse of antibiotic is creating a bunch of drug resistant bacteria that makes a lot of serious threat to the world's health. bacteria are especially serious in population where infections can spread fast such as factories, farms, schools, and hospitals. When you take antibiotic for a sore throat it points out one important thing those doctors sometimes gives out the incorrect used of antibiotics. I think they should not end it because people need it even though it sometimes hurt people but they should take it but not a lot. Because if they take it a lot them that would be a problem, because it will affect the body, and that the body it will so used to...