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As we know today, the media has a tendancy to portray the news the way it feels fit. Are the stories that we are reading actually fact? Dor example, when i logged on to the MSN website, i noticed a very interesting headline. ANTIDEPRESSANTS LINKED TO BLEEDING. Was this headline true, provenin a scientifiv study, or just a fabrication from a journalists mind. It seems that the media has a way of taking bits and pieces from actual studies and twisting them into more intresting stories. In this case, msn reported "The problem may develop because serotonin appears to play a role in blood clotting and manipulating its levels may lead to abnormal uterine and gastrointestinal bleeding, said the report from the Utrecht Institute for Pharmaceutical Sciences in the Netherlands" the articlestated that these problems may occur in newusers of antidepressant drugs. This story seemed vary vage and general. I would think that if one were going to report that antidepressant drugs are or may cause bleeding, it would be more consise and straight forward on its findings.

After reading the article on Msn, i looked upo the actual journal article on Pubmed. The jarticle written by MSN showed the same findings that were reported in the actual study.

I would say that this was a correlational study.. I think this because a correlational study lloks at the difference betweeen a dependent variable and an independent variable, in this case bleeding and antidepressents being the variables/


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