Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna

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This report is about one of the many things Santa Anna did. This report is about when Santa Anna became ruler of Mexico, took over the Alamo in Texas, and when he was captured a day after the battle of San Jacinto.

In 1833, General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna came to power in Mexico. Two years later, he threw out the Mexican constitution.

Texans felt that the time had come for action. In this, they had the support of many Tejanos, Mexicans who lived in Texas. Tejanos did not necessarily want independence from Mexico. However, they did want to be rid of Santa Anna, who ruled as a Mexican dictator.

In October 1835, Texans in the town of Gonzales clashed with Mexican troops. The Texans forced the Mexicans to withdraw. Two months later, Texans went and took San Antonio. Determined to stamp out the rebellion, Santa Anna went north with a large army.

By the time Santa Anna reached San Antonio, lots of Texans who took the city had just left. Less then 200 Texans stayed as defenders. In spite the tremendous odds against them, the Texans refused to give up. Instead, they went to an old Spanish mission called the Alamo.

Things weren't looking to good for the Texans. They were poorly equipped for battle. Supplies of ammunition, medicine, and food were low. There were only about 150 Texans to defend against 6,000 Mexican troops.

William Travis commanded the Texans at the Alamo. Among the volunteers were Jim Bowie and Davy Crockett, a lot of Tejano families, two women, and two young male slaves.

On February 23, 1836, Mexican troops began a siege of the Alamo. The Texan defenders fought well. Still, Travis knew that unless he received help, he and his troops would lose. He sent...