Is Anxiety a Real Problem in Today’s Society?

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Absolutely not. Rather my reverse observation is that Society is the real cause of today's Anxiety. But before going into the further elaboration of fact, it is essential to understand, what Anxiety is all about? During the course of the study, I have found that most of the learned Psychologists and other related people have completely misunderstood the term "Anxiety" and hence there is a complete disagreement among them about the very definition of the term "Anxiety".

As Gerry Kent (27) " As in the case with many psychological difficulties, there is much disagreement about how Anxiety might be best defined and understood. Some psychologists share many ideas, disagreeing on minor details. Others take almost incompatible approaches " I find this variation of view very much similar to the story of three blind persons who approached the elephant from three different angles to know the shape of the elephant and they all had different observations about the shape of the elephant. Since they were unable to see the elephant in totality, they explained the shape of the elephant according to the portion of the elephant they could touch. Individually all three were correct but in totality they all had wrong perception. That has precisely happened with the Psychologists, psychoanalyst, Psychiatrists and other researchers. They all have tried to define and explain the issue to prove their own point of view and I have termed their approach to the issue as " Angle of convenience". In brief, "Angle of convenience is the different angle of approach to a subject which is adopted by a viewer for specified purposes and due to specific reasons".