Anylization and Symbolizism George Orwell's 1984.

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1984 by George Orwell is a book set in the future (book written in 1949). The book presents many mind boggling and creepy ideas about hoe the government controls people physically, and mentally. In this world the government controls people by hiding cameras in people's homes, putting fear into people's heads through intimidating posters, and preventing any kind of rebellious thinking by controlling information. Controlling the information means to control and regulating all the information the population can obtain. In this book the government is able to manage what an individual can see or buy such as books or what an individual can remember. In the world of 1984 there are constant wars going but the people in charge are able to say what is going on or what has gone on even if it isn't true.

This statement of the ability of controlling people is the ability of controlling information and intimidating people is not only seen in the novel, 1984.

It has parallels in our society today and our societies from the past. In 1984's society it is illegal to write in a diary freely or read books that provoke rebellious ideas. These crimes are merely to have power over what a person can obtain knowledge wise. Crimes such as this are also in action in the world today. Now that are government can access information such as what websites we look at and they can issue secret arrest without having any reason to it proves that our government, intentionally or not intentionally is beginning to increase their power over our information.

In 1984 history played a major role in the story. Because the government was able to manage the history that people could look up and limit their knowledge of history they were not able to rebel...