Anzac day should be allowed to be visited by everyone.

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All Australians, aged or young, should march on Anzac Day - it's their privilege and their right to reflect on, and to honour, those who volunteered, or those who were conscripted, to serve in times of war. It is arrogant to think that only uniformed soldiers go to battle - the simple truth is a nation, every individual of country that actually goes to war.

Those who only stand and watch are as much combatants as those souls who seek to kill their enemy . Hitler, Mussolini, Churchill, Truman, Roosevelt (to name a few leaders in times of mortal conflict) didn't go to, or decide for, warfare on their own; their countries, their peoples, their fellows, to a man, woman and child did - everyone played a part no matter how insignificant or how unnoticed - and, on that solid basis, we Australians who are, right now, engaged in deadly warfare on more than one front are all an integral part of, say, the military attack on Iraq and Afghanistan.

So, as it is a given that entire nations go to war and not simply just a nominated trained section thereof, we, all who make up the whole, should take a definite part in solemn remembrance rites such as the Anzac Day March.

Family should be able to march to remember and thank those brave soles who fought in unimaginable conditions, and honestly there can be no more beautiful sight than a veteran marching on ANZAC day holding hands with his grandchild - after all, isn't that who they were, and are, fighting for. Those that fought for their Country's Australia & New Zealand who served in past wars to give the freedom we have today from Oppression of dictatorships

If we just allow those who have seen conflict...