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How Dark is Apocalypse Now?

Joseph Conrad's book, Heart of Darkness impacted many people by exposing the dark side of man. For the first time, the readers are shown what war can really do to a man and how he can be reduced to his basic and primal instincts. The modern movie Apocalypse Now portrays Conrad's ideas accurately allowing others who have not read Heart of Darkness to get the same basic ideas and principles.

The movie Apocalypse Now takes place in the thick jungle of Vietnam where communication with the outside world is nearly non-existent. It is a type of wilderness in which no authority is around to uphold laws and keep others from making their own laws. In Heart of Darkness the Congo in Africa is the setting. Colonies are sprouting and the land is being raped for its resources and native people. Since the Congo is uncharted territory there is no authority to uphold any form of laws, just as in the movie.

Men are left in a hostile environment where they struggle to survive and begin to rely on their basic instincts. One of the main characters in both the book and the movie is Marlow. In the book he gets a job in the Congo working for an ivory importing station. His job spot became vacant because the man that had it was killed. This however, was meaningless to the company, as a result they hired Marlow to fill his place. In the movie Marlow is military personnel and is given a special assignment. Marlow is told that Kurtz has gone insane and is no longer in the command of the military. Kurtz's operations are "unsound" , not to the liking of the military, thus they give Marlow orders to assassinate him. Both...