"Arabian Nights" by Richard Francis Burton and Obedient Women

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Obedient women, housekeeping women, cooking-in-the-kitchen women, quiet serving women, pleasing men with sex, facile women, and fragile women without a single talk-back is now over. The chapter has been switched long time ago. Now we are in the 21st century where women have earned power, rights, and knowledge. We can't say that men have lost their power, but it is that women ascended to the same level as men. Yet, there are many conservative people who think that men are still the ones that should be honored and respected. Because of this, women are still treated lower than men in some places or cases.

In the book, "Arabian Nights", as this book appears to be feminist, women have more power than men. Women commanded men what to do and acted with such violence. As I just reread the story of "The Steward's Tale," the lady cut the man's fingers just because he did not wash his finger after eating--strong odor made her sick even.

I was quite surprised because of her punishment for "such meager incident," nevertheless I thought it showed how powerful women are and charismatic they are.

In the story, women have way more power than men. But in reality, it is not so true, sometimes it is, but women and men are in the equal rank. Though let's say woman is stronger and more leading in a household. In these cases, women would usually be the ones who has greater salary and bring more money to the house. I mean, isn't this obvious? Look at your friends even. The one who has more money than others is potential to become like the leader of the group. Would you actually follow a poor friend that always borrows money? Not really. Now going back to the...