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ContentsDefinition of Area Traffic Control(ATC) -----------------------------------------------p.1The operation of Area Traffic Control (ATC) -----------------------------------------p.1The feature of Area Traffic control (ATC) ---------------------------------------------p.1The assist for the logistics/transport operator of the (ATC) system---------------p.1The required IT resource for developing Area Traffic Control (ATC) -----------p.2Benefit of Area Traffic Control (ATC) --------------------------------------------------p.2Disadvantage of Area Traffic Control --------------------------------------------------p.2Limitation of Area Traffic Control ------------------------------------------------------p.2Case study on Area Traffic Control ( Hong Kong) -----------------------------------p.3Suitable vendors for the system(ATC)-------------------------------------------------- p.3Method for improving Area Traffic Control (ATC) ----------------------------p.3-p.4Quote references-----------------------------------------------------------------------------p.5Definition of Area Traffic Control(ATC)Area Traffic Control (ATC) is the computer system, used to check the working condition of the traffic equipment and traffic signal timing at the junctions in the designated areas to reflect the real-time traffic conditions.

In air traffic control, an Area Control Center (ACC), also known as a Center, is a facility responsible for controlling instrument flight rules aircraft en route in a particular volume of airspace (a Flight Information Region) at high altitudes between airport approaches and departures.

In the United States, such a Center is referred to as an Air Route Traffic Control Center (ARTCC).

A Center typically accepts traffic from, and ultimately passes traffic to, the control of a Terminal Control Center or of another Center. Most Centers are operated by the national governments of the countries in which they are located. The general operations of Centers world-wide, and the boundaries of the airspace each Center controls, are governed by the ICAO.

In some cases, the function of an Area Control Center and a Terminal Control Center are combined in a single facility such as a CERAP.

The operation of Area Traffic Control (ATC)Smoothly coordinating green timeAdjusting flexibly signal timing to cope with varying traffic conditionsContinuous monitoring on the operation of on-street equipmentThe feature of Area Traffic control (ATC)This system will coordinate traffic signals throughout most of...