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Violence in the Media In the United States today, serious problems surround our young ones. Too much of the time, many of us are too caught up in the game of life to even notice the little things that contribute to our children's minds. Everyday, acts of violence occur all around us, but most of the time, these acts go unnoticed. The simple fact of why these acts even happen raise questions in themselves, but in all honesty, I don't think that we will able give proper answers. Because of this, today's society has showed that it doesn't have much to offer any more, in terms of values, morals and overall goodness. What seems to be a dark cloud, looms over today's children, teasing them about the programming that enter out homes. Doe children really want to see furry little animals, happily playing in a forest, making friends and good, moral decisions? Or do they want to see their hero, at all costs "fight to the death" with guns and knives? Do they want to watch public broadcasting of puppets singing and dancing, counting 1, 2, 3? Or do they want to see their favorite pro wrestler break bones and pulverize their opponent with steel chairs and baseball bats? The answer is probably unknown, but the obvious fact is that what is preferred is not always what is "good" for the child.

Does this "violence in the media" cause our youth to act violently like their heroes? Maybe, maybe not. There are many effects of this issue, but ultimately, we need to seek the causes. Many problems are caused by violence in the media because negative images are portrayed, violent acts are glorified, and children cannot differentiate fantasy from reality. Solutions to these causes would be for parents to closely...