Arkansas State Univeristy Of Mountian Home White Paper on the College It self.

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The history of Arkansas State University of Mountain Home is a wonderful story that leads the students in to a higher level of education on a beautiful new campus. In 1974 north Arkansas Community College only offered two evening classed in the high school and other supplementary Locations to support the growing need of the community.1976 brought a center established by NACC that offered adult education and about ten classes. The decade that pasted brought a growth of student enrollment and demands of expansion of the college in Mountain Home Arkansas. In 1984 Mountain Homes Adult Education center became a Satellite Campus of NACC. A year later money was being raised mainly buy the community of Baxter county to purchase a former church and property to open the Baxter County Vocational-Technical and Adult basis Education center under the watch of the Twin Lakes Vocational- Technical School at Harrison.

(Website)Through the North Arkansas Community/Technical College classes were provided till the local college was accreditation in July 1991. In July of 1991 Mountain Home Technical College was established. In only one year of operation the college wanted to become a branch campus of ASU in Jonesboro. This goal was realized in a short time on July 1, 1993 Mountain Home Technical college became Arkansas State University Mountain Home Technical College. In 1995 Arkansas State University mountain Home was recognized due to the community located in Baxter County. (Fact book) A mascot was inducted to ASUMH as the ASUMH Trail Blazers. 1997 brought the purchase of 140 acres located at 1600 South College Street. 1998 construction of the new campus began that summer and was completed in 2000. The grand opening of the college was April 25, 2000. (Website) Over the past eight years the university has wanted to be...