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Am I Ever Going to Kill my Girlfriend?

Thesis: Dating violence and abuse are expressed within adolescents as either emotional or physical means. Such abuse is sometimes misinterpreted by adolescents due to their inexperience and ignorance about such issues. Prevention programs of different forms must play an important role in minimizing accidents of dating abuse.


A.Define abuse.

B.Introduce the different forms of abuse.




II.Emotional abuse and physical abuse.

A.How teens are emotionally abused.

B.How teens are physically abused.

C.The relationship between emotional and physical abuse.


A.Adolescents' ignorance.

1.Inexperience vs. experience in dating.

2.Misinterpretation of an action done by the dating partner.

B.Parental ignorance.

1.Parents do not know about their teens' lives.

2.Fear from teens to parents.

IV.How to avoid the abuse.

A.Parental involvement.

B.Abuse prevention programs.


2.Groups forming their own programs.


Am I Ever Going to Kill my Girlfriend?

Violence and partner abuse have become very common and dangerous aspects in adolescent dating.

The amount of victims of dating violence that are reported through surveys are relatively high. Data collected in a study by the Harvard School of Public Health has clearly shown that almost 1 in every 5 girls has been subjected to a form of physical violence in a dating relationship (Dickenson, Amy). However, another aspect of abuse that is sometimes not considered as dangerous as physical abuse is emotional abuse. As defined by David Knox, "abuse in any form is a method used to exert power and control by one individual over another in an intimate relationship". Within an adolescent dating relationship, violence and abuse are expressed in either emotional or physical forms. Such abuse is sometimes misinterpreted by adolescents due to their lack of lack of experience and ignorance...