Art- always beautiful? Critical writing.

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Many claim what is from the heart is art and that art is beauty. One of the many forms of art is music which I would like to concentrate on. Not only do modern musical pieces inspire and entertain masses but also have the ability to evoke somewhat negative emotions. Riots, murder-death-kills, drug abuse, either happening for real or only sang about, are frequent phenomena during the concerts all over the world.

A great number of these "artists" often create under the influence of illegal addictive stimulants. Sometimes Afro-American artists push the envelope a little farther than that and smoke "weed" on stage during their gigs. For many it is the only way to come up with the proper music or lyric to a song or even to remember what to sing. Strange as it may seem, they turn out really not that bad when it comes to performance. No mistakes, no amnesia, no uncontrolled behavior just a regular acting.

As well as the artists, the susceptible audience abuses drugs as well and these seem to have much more of an influence on them than on their role models. Peace and love is the message, however, riots do occur. Tossing of alcohol bottles or other containers causes injuries more severe than one could imagine. As it usually is wherever there is violence, there is sex. The concerts are full of obscene acts were women take their clothes off and dance naked. On those days alone probably more money is made on contraceptives than throughout the whole month.

Drugs are not the only ones that are abused, it is also the language. It seems like there is no possible way for Afro-American rap artists not to use offensive and explicit lyrics. There are absolutely countless examples when they humiliate, or murder...