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Artaban Artaban's quest was not a failure; in fact, it was a complete success. Without knowing it, living and helping with the beggars, was helping Jesus. When he started searching Jesus, he didn't find him but found a colony of beggars and help them. He said he would stay for a day then it turned out to be more than 30 years. He helped the beggars make a farm and they lived happily. Orates disliked the beggars but Artaban made him work to earn his food. After finding Jesus, Orantes became a good person. He decided to go back to help the beggars instead of leaving. Artaban changed Orantes, and Artaban helped Jesus by helping others.

We are like the Magi because we r learning more about the world. They studied the skies and its patterns to tell what is going to happen in religion. We use archaeology to help us understand the era of Jesus. We want to know more of about the savior.

We can help others as an offer to Christ. We can make donations and to help out with the handicap or the old. When we help others, we help Jesus. We try to change people from having bad habits to being a good person. We may not have the biggest influence but it will help the people that need it.

Artaban found what he was looking for. He searched for the savior hoping that he is not a fake. He traveled far and wide but didn't find him until the end of his life. When Artaban finally found Jesus, Jesus was truly the savior for that Jesus has just risen from the dead. Jesus said to Artaban not to worry about the gift he didn't have and that he already gave Jesus a gift when he helped the beggars I would be truly fulfilled when I can live a peaceful life. I won't have to worry about others or stuff that I forgot. I can live carefree. I can make this reality by working hard getting a good job and have time off for the already finished work. When I finish all the work I can have the time for myself.