Artifical Intelligence

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Expert systems, they are currently the most common and reliable form of Artificial Intelligence around. By the end of reading this documentation on expert systems you should have a good idea of what expert systems are, what they do, how you use an expert system, how to make an expert system and how they work. Also I hope you will understand how very important they are to sociality in this computer age world. Enjoy the reading.

What are expert systems? An expert system is a programmed database of information, with is all based on one area of expertise. It is compiled of all information provided an expert or a number of experts in the field of which the system with specialise in. Expert systems can answer any questions and provide solutions for any problems in the area of their knowledge. They usually only have expert data in one area of expertises.

Expert systems (or ES) consist of a number of parts, including a knowledge bank: in which all compiled information from expert is stored in an order and sequence. An inference engine: where information from the knowledge bank is extracted that relates to the problem at hand and is compiled together to produce an inference for the problem. Finally a knowledge refinement sector, where the ES tries to relate the problem one previously dealt with and stores new successful inferences. These are the main parts of an expert system. Others are displayed below in the following diagram: Development environment Consultation Environment Expert User Knowledge User Engineer Interface Knowledge Recommended Reasons Base Action Inference Knowledge engine Refinement How are Expert systems are made/ how do they work? As you can see, the diagram is split up into two "˜Environments'. The development environment and the Consultation environment. The Development side shows the...