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Assessment Portfolio

Stacy L. Parker

Albany State University

Philosophy of Education

I believe that education is an important experience for every child. It begins with the teacher. The teacher has to realize the importance of being a teacher. No one should go into the field of education seeking a monetary reward. The educator's goal should be to make sure that the students develop academically, personally, and ethically.

I come from a family of educators. As I grew up, I noticed my grandmother's students coming back after graduating from college and pursuing a career. Some brought their kids to meet a teacher who really touched their lives. I have also come in contact with people who have positive things to say about my family members who taught them. After hearing the comments so much, I decided that teaching is what I would like to do.

Being raised by a family of educators, I always valued my education.

I believed that if I take my education seriously, then I can do whatever I choose to do. This is something I try to instill in my students. There are several beliefs that I have about education. I believe that all children can learn, all children should be treated fairly but differently, all students should be exposed to a fulfilling environment during learning, and that all children should be given praise and recognition for doing well or at least trying.

I believe that all children have the ability to learn. They all have a right to an education. Some students may not learn everything you teach but they should be given a chance. The student's gender, race, ethnicity, and capabilities should not determine whether the child is capable of learning. The student should be treated as an individual. The...