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Nothing can look more tropical than their folkloric clothing. The floral patterns and bright colors complement their beautifull tanned skin. Tutus for younger women and muumuu's, which are floor length dresses suited for the older bunch who prefer not to reveal much; there's something for everyone to feel comfortable and refreshed in, especially with the high temperatures and the happy sun. A Hawaiiam outfit can never be complete without a lei. A wreath created out flowers assembled together, a lei can be worn by both men and women, either around the shoulders or on the head. A person looks scrumcious when wearing such an attire because it makes one look like a jolly birthday cake.

The variety of food looks overwhelming. Its representation: brilliant, and the taste: like a party in one's mouth. Oriental dishes complement the European and American food, pointing out the exploding mixture of assortments. Although as a native, one's diet would mainly comprise of rice and fresh fruits such as bananas and papayas.

Some of the legendary Hawaiian meals include poi and laulau, both containing rice, fish and vegetables, cooked in two different ways.