Assume you are on the admissions panel. Which of your qualities would compel you as panel member, to offer yourself admission for a management program?(200 words)

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If I were a panel member ? I would offer myself admission owing to the

following qualities.

I have developed a strong will to work hard. My thirst has always been to

imbibe greater knowledge and improvement of talent. The ancient belief, that hard

work and talent do not go hand in hand does not bother me the least. These two

attributes have to be in tandem, as one is ineffective without the other.

Sudden change of events have not perturbed me easily. I am always patient

and am prepared to wait till the crises blows over.

I can analyse my past mistakes impassionately, taking care not to repeat

them to my own detriment.

I am pragmatic, persevering and do possess to potential to make it big.

I dream big. I want to do great things, achieve something much more, and

equip myself for the future for which I have big plans.

I know I am capable of

realising my dreams.

From a holistic viewpoint, my background reveals an exposure to two different

industries, ability to take risks, and a mature outlook. Based on my soft skills like

integrity, ability to work in a team, good communication skills I would rate a very

high probability, of my success on the management programme.