Attaining zero population growth 2030 in U.S

Essay by onesparkysmile January 2004

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I have never put much thought into the impact population growth has on our environment until I was given this assignment. I believe that political, economic and social obstacles have a serious bearing on controlling population growth and it would be possible yet extremely difficult to reach zero population growth in the US by 2003. There are three main factors that have an impact on the population, immigration, births and mortality. Immigration and birth rate and fecundity affect the growth of the United State's population and mortality affects decrease in amount of people. It would be ideal for these factors to stabilize in order to achieve zero percent population growth. I will describe each factor and list some possible solutions to assist in reaching zero population growth in the United States by 2030.

When people relocate from one region to another we refer that as immigration. In the United States immigration, both legal and illegal, continually increases.

According to the Census bureau ( 1.1 million immigrants have entered the United States in 2003 and account for 11.8 percent of the U.S. population Although immigration isn't the only factor contributing to population growth some approaches that can be taken is to have stricter punishments for illegal immigration and those who abuse their Visa and increase the humanitarian efforts to those countries of those immigrants whose dissatisfaction with their quality of life forced them to migrate. I have had the esteemed honor to be a team member on two humanitarian missions, one to El Salvador in 2001 and most recently one to the Galapagos Islands of Ecuador in 2003. Our efforts made a huge impact on the morale of the locals, even though we were there to support them medically. I believe an increase and consistent support of...