How to attract girls.

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Sometimes girls and boys seem to avoid the company of one another, but

finally everyone find something common in each other and fall in love at

least once. Actually You are just afraid of making serious relationship,

because You do not know what the girl thinks and feels about you. In

general the first time is always more complex. The men are so confused

about what women think about them that it can create some obsessions. It

can lower Your self-esteem. Do not let it happen!

Despite of the difficulties it is exciting and anxious process. It will be

hard to get someone's love. In return You will feel like a bird flying,

everything will sing around and your heart will jump inside when You see

that You have taken a liking to her. How do You see that!? She will smile,

laugh after every your silly joke and hesitate to look into your eyes.


she will not, she is not fallen in love. Let's imagine the calling to

someone for the first date.

Probably you are nervous and afraid of her refusal. Who makes the first

step have to be brave and known that everybody have to do it some day. You

have to know the Estonian proverb, "The brave beginning is a half of

victory". For Your better feeling You may invent some reason for calling.

For example ask something about a homework, but do not seem to her as a

foolish. First of all you have to insist in your mind that you are like

every other boy. Everyone have something interesting and attractive which

can put the girls to lose their heads. Perhaps You are funny speaker or

good listener. In the last case You have to give many questions to...