Auguments about Abortion

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Abortion is one of the most controversial issues around, and is an issue that will never be

agreed upon. By bringing morals into the question of whether it should be legal to have

abortions, this issue has been elevated to a higher level. By some people, it is no longer

looked at as a question of choice but as a question of morality, and these concepts have led

to a full-blown debate over something that really should not be questioned.

Every women in America has the right to decide what to do with their bodies. No

government or group of people should feel that they have the right to dictate to a person

what path their lives should take. People who say that they are 'pro-life' are in effect no

more than 'anti-choice'. These pro-lifers want to put the life and future of a women into

the hands of the government.

Abortion, and the choice a women may make, is a very

private thing and should not be open to debate. The question of morality should not even

come into play when considering abortion, because in this case the question is not of

morality but of choice and constitutionality.

The ninth amendment states 'The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights,

shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.' This in turn, is

guaranteeing a women the right to have an abortion. Pro-choice people say that abortion is

the killing of a child, but pro-choice people do not consider the fetus a child. A

philosopher, Mary Anne Warren, proposed that consciousness, reasoning, self-motivated

activity, and self awareness are factors that determine 'person-hood'.

But, a misconception that held is that people who are pro-choice are actually pro-

abortion. Many people that support the...