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Here is a sample of an informative piece written in 1996. Only the first section and the conclusion are reproduced here to give you a sense of the writing style and the approach. The details of purpose and audience have been included to show you how they controlled and shaped this piece of work.

Statement of intention/purpose: This piece is intended to be a formal exposition of Australia-Indonesian relations stimulated by my recent visit to Indonesia as well as the recent inroads made in the two nations' relationship, particularly the 1995 bilateral security treaty initiated by the previous Federal Government. It is intended to inform while illustrating my opinion and beliefs on the topic, and those of others.

Audience: The intended audience for this piece is Australians with an interest in international politics, particularly Australia's relationship with East Asian countries. The introduction was designed to let the audience know what I intended to discuss.

Context: This piece was originally a speech presented to a panel of judges and an audience of Lions' Club members as part of the Lions' Club Youth of the Year Quest, an occasion for which I chose a formal presentation. However, since then it has been adapted to incorporate the opinions of authorities such as Gareth Evans, the former Foreign Minister, and Professor Colin Brown, Head of the Department of Asian Studies and Languages at Flinders University. This was in order to extend my consideration of the way Indonesia is viewed in Australia and to add depth to the piece. I have also made my opinion more forceful because it is something I feel strongly about and am interested in.

- - - - - Indonesia's relationship with Australia On the 19th of December 1995 Australia signed an historic security treaty with Indonesia. This is the...