The Aweful Truth w/ Cary Grant -- brief analysis of the film - lighting, acting, directing, dialouge, etc.

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The Awful Truth was a good funny film. Sound made everything great. It was a great surprise to actually hear a character speak. Cary Grant played an excellent role in this screwball comedy. The film is the epiphany of screwball comedy. The films jump from silent to sound called for a need of many different things. One major change was the dialogue. Since the characters have to tell you what is going on, there is a need for a much faster, longer scripts. This film is quick with its comments, in that the dialogue is very fast and spoken quickly by the actors. The film also included some side jokes, usually very quick utters.

Another thing that I noticed in the film was the use of imagery, and how one scene or shot shown earlier in the film would play an important role later on. For example, the skit where the dog would play hide and go seek, and later finding the hat behind the mirror.

Overall, I enjoyed the movie greatly. I have changed my mind on the best movie that we have seen from The General, to now The Awful Truth. Cary Grant made a great performance, and sound greatly helped the movie. I feel that if this was a silent film, it would not do well, and would not be funny because the greatness of the film is the dialogue.