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I found President Bush's "State of the Union Address" was very interesting. As he talked about his new space plans about NASA. As I got to thinking about his new plan, I found myself wondering what is out there in the universe? Should we really be spending so much money on space activities?

There are many good reasons why we should send people to mars and moon. Our universe is very complex and mysterious. The more we learn about it the better off we will be. Like what the wise man, Francis Bacon, once said "Knowledge is Power." Many people wonder what is out there. Maybe sending people to mars and moon could answer some of our questions. NASA has had problems in the past, but they have helped us learn so much about space. We have already had the rover on mars for sometime now. The rover has helped us find out many interesting facts.

Space program all over the world should share information about the finding on the universe. I know the chinese have just put their 1st astronaut up in space a month or so ago. It may draw conflict with NASA. I think they should just all work together. We all live on one planet.

There is some controversy why we shouldn't send people to Mars. For example, the space shuttle Colombia that crashed and killed seven astronauts. What makes them think that something like this won't happen again? Money is also a very big issue. American is in a lot of debt right now. Is spending all this money going to mars a good idea? Think of the Americans we will be putting in danger.

Overall I strongly agree with President Bush, and his idea of putting people on mars and moon. We could learn...