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Bagatelle The game of bagatelle evolved from many ancient games. Its origin comes from when people threw rocks and pebbles, which formed into games where you aimed at targets on the ground. Bagatelle was a popular game since the time of pharaohs till now. This recreation also came in a wide variety.

Bagatelle was found thousands of years ago, Egyptians played this game like croquet. But by the Greco-Roman bagatelle changed from playing with stones to playing with marbles. During the Roman Era bagatelle turned into "Boccie" which was like lawn bowling. In the 14th Century sticks or arches were introduced to the game, and bagatelle became an outdoor and indoor game. Today, the game of bagatelle is still played and is widely popular throughout the world.

During the Renaissance bagatelle evolved into billiards, and was owned by Louis XI of France and Mary Queen of Scotland. This first form of billiard involved wickets as targets.

Over the next twenty years billiards changed in many ways and forms. Some time around 1636-1715 a new table was invented, the purpose of the game was to knock down pins using balls and a wicket. Now, billiards are also known as pool and is mostly played at pubs and bars.

During the 15th Century everyone from little children to grandparents played bagatelle. Bagatelle came in a wide variety, some of them include bowling, croquet, and pin balls machines. These games were very popular since its beginning and was popular with mostly the upper classes during the Renaissance. This game spread by trade but also by influence. Now, bagatelle games are still played by everyone and still remains popular.

The recreation of bagatelle was created eons ago. Its popularity was huge and still remains the same. There are many forms of this game and a large percent of games are or related to bagatelle. In this day and age bagatelle continues to be a favorite of many.