Baker has a point when he comments on the things

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Baker has a point when he comments on the things that television teaches. Shows such as Jackass that are made with a personal recording camera, especially influence children and young adolescents. They try to imitate what they see people getting paid extraordinary amounts of money on television to do. There is a warning before every Jackass show that the public shouldn't try any of the stunts seen on the show. You hear countless stories of people getting hurt that disregard these warnings and attempt, mostly unsuccessfully; to do the same crazy things they see on television. There is the story about the kid who tried to jump over a car that was going straight at him at 40 mph. This is definitely not a safe thing to do. Luckily he survived the ordeal having (I hope) learned his lesson.

People need to learn that what they see on television isn't what really happens in the world.

It is highly glamorized to attract more viewers and increase ratings. Hollywood just wants to make money, and that is their right, but people need to know better and in general everyone needs a lot more common sense.

Daily television shows have been becoming more and more violent and some people think that television and violent video games really do have a lot of influence on how children act. The television also destroys family interaction. Traditional means of entertainment, such as board games or other games that involve communication, have become obsolete. You can now entertain yourself using a television for hours upon hours. This makes it more difficult for the parents to instill the morals and values that they have upon their children. There are educational channels and family channels that everyone can watch together but even with these there isn't the same sort of interaction going on.

I am not condemning television or saying that it is responsible for the increase in violent crimes like so many others have. I am saying that it just makes it harder for the parents to do their already very difficult job of raising a family and that the parents should have more power over what they allow their children to see. This would shift the responsibility to the parents to do as they see fit. It is their job to allow what they want their child to watch in their household and it is also their job to make sure that they don't see something that they consider inappropriate for them to watch.