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Banning the Game?

As enjoyable as football can be there are many downsides of this dangerous sport. Every year new students try out for football, but they don't know what they're getting themselves in to. A game in which you clash together to get a ball somewhere seems like a lot to risk your life for. Not joining your football team in high schools will cause fewer injuries. Using your head as a battering ram is not helping the brain of the student. Before thinking about joining your team, know what the effects after starting to play. Stop and think about your life before joining the football team.

From a recent study 67 percent of a football team get concussions every season. If a student is trying to play football, there's the probability that he will be part of the 67 percent. When you ram your helmet into another helmet, you're not safe. The helmet does not help the brains of teens and protecting it, it makes your head shake in between the metal that covers your head. According to a recent study, teens that faced two or more concussions, reported mental problems at higher and faster rates. In addition, if teens step away from this sport you will be less likely to forget everything.

Traumatic brain injury can hurt destroy your brain. A recent study was made that showed that football can cause traumatic brain injury. TBI usually shows in people that play in sports in which you are more likely to hit your head. Recent football players ended up having this disease and destroying their brain. The result of all the brain hits is amnesia. Amnesia is when an individual loses their memory, and can't remember anything about their life. Teens who start hitting their brains in to...