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I. Early years Barbara Pierce, born on June 8, 1925, in New York City, was the third child of Marvin and Pauline Pierce. When she was born, her sister, Martha, was 5, and her brother, James, was 3. Two other children came after Barbara.

She lived in a fashionable town named Rye in Westchester County on Long Island Sound. Her parents had married in 1918 and the family's wealth came from the Ohio iron foundry business. Life there was comfortable and her family was very loving. She got her sense of humor from her father. She entered Ashley Hall in Charleston, South Carolina, a private boarding school for girls.

II. College Barbara went to Smith, but dropped out in her sophomore year when she married George Bush in 1945 III. Life before First Lady Before George Bush was president, Barbara had appeared at public functions many times. She had spoken at school graduations, anniversary commemorations, fund-raisers, and conferences of all types.

Also, at this time, the Bushes kept moving to many places. Twenty-nine movings in all. Some places were: Midland - TX, Houston - TX, Washington, DC, New York City, and Beijing - China.

In 1946, their first son, George W. Bush is born. Then, Pauline is born in 1949. Third child, John, is born in 1953, but Pauline also dies of Leukemia that year. After that, Neill Mallon is born in 1955, Marvin Pierce is born in 1956, and finally, in 1959, Dorothy Walker is born.

During the time before First Lady, her mom also dies in a car accident in 1949.

IV. First Lady In 1989, Barbara Pierce Bush moves into the White House as First Lady with her husband, President George Bush. Mrs. Bush volunteered in and supported hundreds of charity and humanitarian causes.

Her number...