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By: Stacie Bennett


March 22, 2011


Barbie is one of the most played with toys in America. Barbie is very fashionable, she has many friends and family, and Barbie takes on many careers. Since Barbie is one of the most played with toys in America, I believe she is a role model for little girls everywhere.

Barbie is very fashionable. She has many clothing choices to choose from. Barbie is a trendsetter. She where's everything! Barbie's fashions are very admirable as well. Her outfits have sparkle, different layers, they are colorful, and most of all they are outrageous! Barbie's clothing also sets a good example for little girls. Watching the girls on TV influences many little girls. Barbie wears modest clothes to show them that they are pretty without the short skirts and belly shirts.

Barbie has many friends and a bunch of family members.

In fact Barbie is still getting friends and family members as of today. One of the most famous of Barbie's friends is the Ken doll. The Ken doll was made to be Barbie "hot" new boyfriend. Barbie and Ken have had an on-off relationship. As of today Ken and Barbie are together again. Barbie has three sisters as of today. Barbie's sisters are Skipper, Stacie, and Kelly. All three sisters are still being sold. Barbie has many friends. Some of here friend include Midge who was Barbie's first friend, Stacey who was Barbie's British friend. She appeared in the talking Barbie collection.

Many people have trouble picking their career, but that's not a problem with Barbie. Barbie has had over 80 jobs in her lifetime. Some jobs from 1956-1965 are an Astronaut (1965), a Stewardess (1961-64), and a babysitter (1963). Even though...