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Year 10 Drama The Crucible

I have selected Abigail as the character who I would play. Abigail is a seventeen year old who has been caught attempting witch craft with her cousin and her friends. She is being questioned by her Uncle Paris who saw her doing witch craft in the forest.

The scene starts off with Susanna bringing news from the doctor, Abigail asks Susanna to "Speak nothin' of it to the village" I think this is because she is scared that people will find out she has been doing witch craft. So I would say that very clearly, so it makes the impression that she really does not want anyone to find out.

I would play the character of Abigail so that she seems very worried and apprehensive, I would do this because it would make her seem like she has a very guilty conscience. I would make her seem worried by making her stammer when she's trying to explain something.

For example I would do this when she says "But we never conjured spirits". By doing this it would also make her seem like she is lying.

When Paris is shouting and asking her questions I would play Parris so she gets backed up in to a corner with her hands behind her back. I would do this when Paris shouts "I saw it!" I would also play her so she tries not to make eye contact with Parris. I would do this because it would make her seem very guilty and it makes it obvious to the audience that she is lying. An example of when I would do this would be when Abigail says "I think so sir".

When Abigail is answering Paris's questions I would play her so she is quivering slightly.