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Basketball "I don't believe what I just saw! I saw man fly!" This statement alone explains why basketball is so exciting. It's the most thrilling sport because it's non-stop action, tons of scoring, and the best athletes in the world play. Just watching one game will get you hooked for life.

Monster dunks, ankle breaking cross-overs, and sweet bombs from beyond the arc make basketball what it is. In soccer, you get maybe a goal or two, but not much action. In baseball you get a couple runs, maybe a home run here and there, but there's too much down time, in between every pitch. In football there are a few spectacular play but they only score a couple of times a game. Then there's basketball! With 100 point games, three-pointers, and alley-oops to dazzle fans! On average, NBA games usually go into the hundreds, so that's at least fifty baskets.

Basketball is by far the most exciting sport.

Basketball is like these as well. They all are good, clean, entertainment. When basketball first was created by Dr. James Neasmith, it wasn't meant to be the flashy style that's played today. It was suppose to be like the other sports, almost boring, but as time progressed, so did it, like the other sports. Every sport takes allot of skill, but some just don't get the adrenaline pumping like basketball.

How often does a player score 71 points, in any sport? Michael Jordan, the best basketball player ever, did this like it was nothing. Now that's exciting! Just to watch a person score 71 points must have been exhilarating! Excitement is what makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand, its what makes you stand up and scream during a basketball game. It's something that you can't quit put your finger on, but everyone gets it. Excitement is our way of almost trying to be a part of the action.

"Iverson slashing thorough the lane, he shoots...... Good!" Basketball is just plain spine tingling! To see an man define gravity for a few seconds, and come down slamming the ball through the hoop is great! Or to throw up a shot from the other end of the court and hit nothing but the bottom of the net is crazy! This sport makes you want to play, makes you want to become excited. Basketball is the adrenaline.