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An artist, 'One, such as a painter, sculptor, or writer, who is able by virtue of imagination and talent or skill to create works of aesthetic value, especially in the fine arts.' Or is an artist just someone who expresses their ways of thinking in his or her own way whether it be musically, or visually. I think that an artist can be defined in many different ways, but all lead back to the same idea or expression. The goals of an artist are usually to the aspect of just doing what you like and expressing yourself in the way you know best.

Most artists try making a living of doing what they love by selling their work, but for some that isn't pleasing. An artist in the community has many goals that may not be seen to the plane eye. An artist can keep the world creative and colorful.

An artist can give the world some flavor and make life more enjoyable for people who need help the most.

After the we watched the movie in class I went to my friends and borrowed his book on Jean-Michel and skimmed it a little because I actually enjoyed his artwork. It turns out that the movie was pretty much right on with everything. They portrayed Basquiat perfectly to even the smallest details of hair style, texture and body movements. I think Basquiat was very successful considering his life before success. I think he got what he always wanted from his work, which is for people to recognize what he is saying. Even thought he did die young in his life, he died at the peek of his career.

I think what made Basquiat so successful was the fact that all of his artwork was original and it all came from...