Battle of the Atlantic.

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The Battle of the Atlantic was a battle during World War II for control of the routes used by Britain to move supplies across the Atlantic. The Battle of the Atlantic was started by the Germans. It was not a direct attack but an indirect attack. Britain, as an island country has always depended on sea-going trade. During WWII this was even more the case. Britain needed to import over one million tons of supplies every week. By this battle, the Germans hoped to beat the British by starving them out in World War II. To starve Britain, supplies were trying to be stopped from being shipped. The Battle of the Atlantic took place from 1941-45. A few countries were involved in this battle. This battle is called the Battle of the Atlantic since obviously it took place on the Atlantic. Submarines, warships, and battleships were used. Also, even aircrafts were used in this.

The "Sinking of the Bismarck" was a major event that happened during this battle. Planning and equipment played important roles in this battle. If this battle never had happened, many things wouldn't have been lost.

For six long years, the Canadian navy was one of the main participants in the Battle of the Atlantic. The Canadian navy started the battle with only thirteen vessels and three thousand men. The Royal navy's total number of vessels used was three hundred and seventy three. Also, ninety thousand men were a part of the Royal navy during the Battle of the Atlantic ended. In the disaster of 1940, when German armies were moving into France, four destroyers (war ships) of the Canadian navy were sent to the English Channel, where they supplied aid, and sent out troops. After the fall of France, Canadian destroyers joined the Royal navy...